Our Story


Within the hustle and bustle of raising three children, I craved a creative escape and found solace in the quiet of crafting jewelry. Seventeen years ago, I started with some simple beads and findings.

Overtime, I realized just how much I'm drawn to the earthy allure of wood, leather, and metals. I immersed myself even more into the art of jewelry making. Each material speaks its own story, inspiring me to blend style with substance, form with function. With every piece I craft, I seek to capture the essence of nature, infusing each earring design with a subtle yet distinct statement of its own.

In the era of mass-produced, flashy fashion, I believe that beauty can be as comfortable as it is captivating. Heavy, uncomfortable earrings that confine themselves to a single outfit don’t have to be the norm. Instead, I choose to embrace the versatility and durability of natural materials, constructing them into lightweight, enduring creations designed to be enjoyed day after day.

It's been so satisfying to see my journey of creative expression evolve into sharing and selling my work to friends and family, at outdoor markets and here online.

My journey is one of continuous discovery, inspired by the muted colors and timeless textures of the natural world. I invite you to join me on this journey, where beauty meets comfort and versatility and where style speaks softly yet resoundingly.